Love & Money

You found love! (Congratulations) You found this person that makes you genuinely happy: You are at peace when you are together, and you can’t imagine anyone with whom you are more compatible. That’s all we need right? Love. But relationships are the trickiest of business. Even if you are with your romantic perfect fit, other […]

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The Psychology of Money

When thinking about saving, finances and accumulating wealth there are plenty of books available (most of them are a snooze). There are some that are enjoyable and digestible, but most importantly USEFUL! One of those books is The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel. The main reason we like this book is because it is […]

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Who is Saving’s Worst Enemy?

Once you have a stable income (stable income being enough money coming in to cover your cost of living), you should have the ability to save. Makes sense, right? But there always seems to be something that derails us from doing it. Sometimes it is the price of oil that goes up, or the wrong […]

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So You Think You Can’t Save

Your parents constantly tell you should do it. You know you have to do it. You promised yourself you’ll do it. Every January first at 1:00am, you are completely convinced that this is the year you’ll do it, and yet, for the life of you, you cannot do it! Well maybe you just need a support system: some things that can help you carry the heavy weight of getting it done. The following is a list of available technology that can make it easier for you to get to the goal. (Oh! By the way, in case we were not obvious enough, we’re talking about saving).

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A Beginner’s Guide to Financial Mindfulness

As a young professional embarking on the quest for financial stability the saying, “youth is wasted on the young” starts to take on true meaning: Monday through Friday we are frying our retinas staring at a screen 40+ hours a week, and Saturday/Sunday maybe we grab drinks with friends to maintain a semblance of a […]

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Get in early and invest like the big whales.