Keeping it Interest-ing!

The last interest rate hike of a whopping .075% brought us to 3% above where we were in 2019—which was 0% (good times!). So if high interest rates are such a bummer (to say it lightly!), then why does the federal reserve keep jacking them up?—And what should you do to position yourself to come […]

3 minutes

Bird-Brains: Why Rational Humans are Irrational Consumers

Every time you purchase something (or not) you are casting a vote: Yes, I am willing to buy this for X dollars or no I am not. But what unknown forces are influencing our decision making when it comes to how much we are willing to pay for the avocados at the grocery store or […]

5 minutes

Don’t Do New Year’s Resolutions This Year

It’s that time of the year. We are ready to start fresh. We are hopeful and ready to change our ways. This will be the year that you stop smoking, that you stick to that diet, that you say goodbye to biting your nails, that you finally will start saving—whatever your new year resolutions are […]

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Money Date

“Know what’s on the menu?…Me ‘n’ u.”   A Money Date doesn’t sound very fun, but at least you don’t have to endure cheesy pick-up lines!—What’s a money date?   It’s the hour of time that you should block off on your calendar every month to sit down and review your personal finances from top […]

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Love & Money

You found love! (Congratulations) You found this person that makes you genuinely happy: You are at peace when you are together, and you can’t imagine anyone with whom you are more compatible. That’s all we need right? Love. But relationships are the trickiest of business. Even if you are with your romantic perfect fit, other […]

4 minutes

The Psychology of Money

When thinking about saving, finances and accumulating wealth there are plenty of books available (most of them are a snooze). There are some that are enjoyable and digestible, but most importantly USEFUL! One of those books is The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel. The main reason we like this book is because it is […]

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