Real estate investing is more than just buying, renting, or flipping properties.

There are smarter ways to grow your money.


Real estate investments are split into four types of properties:

Value add
Core Plus
The Long Play

Opportunistic properties are the exciting, blood-pumping bad boys of real estate. Parents might be weary, but they’ll always keep things interesting.

They have a high risk profile, but also higher projected returns. It may take years before you see returns, but earnings are typically high.

Give me an example:

Buying a plot of land in Downtown Miami and building a new residential high rise.

This is the type of properties School of Whales invests in.

Active Management High Potential
Value Add
Diamonds in the Rough

Value add properties are rough around the edges, but show a tremendous amount of potential. Once you’re done with them, you’ll be amazed at how far they’ve come.

They have a moderate to high risk profile, offer little to no cash flow at acquisition, but lots of potential to increase profits significantly in the near future, and require active oversight, deep knowledge of real estate, and strategic planning to increase value.

Give me an example:

Buying a historic and out of date hotel in Charleston and renovating it into a high end boutique hotel.

This is the type of properties School of Whales invests in.

Active Management High Potential
Core Plus
The Safe Bet

Core + properties clean up nice and easy. With a little bit of love and care, these properties will always leave a good impression.

They have a low to moderate risk profile, value that can be increased by maximizing efficiency, and require active oversight and management.

Give me an example:

Buying a profitable shopping center in Atlanta and bringing in better, higher end tenants to increase cap rate.

Active Management Low Risk Easy Investment
Slow and Steady

Stable, conservative, and a tad boring, Core properties are great on paper, take home to meet your parents type of real estate investments.

They are low risk, offer steady cash flow, but also produce minimal growth in your investment.

Give me an example:

Buying a fully leased stabilized trophy property in Manhattan.

Long Term Lease Slow & Steady Low Risk

In Real Estate, the more value you add to a property or land, the higher the returns on your investment.

Why should you invest in real estate?

Real estate has consistently been one of the safest and most lucrative forms of long-term investing . But previously, only those with access and large amounts of capital (a.k.a. accredited investors) could participate in this valuable market.

Lucky for you, that’s no longer the case.


Real Estate Investing For Everyone

In 2016, a new law allowed non-accredited investors (individuals with an annual income of less than $200,000 or less than $1 million in net worth) to invest in crowdfunding platforms, like the School of Whales.

Why was that such a game changer?

Because today, everyone can invest in the real estate market with as little as $500.

No longer do you have to buy property or put up large amounts of capital in development deals in order to get into this lucrative market.

Our crowdfunding platform democratizes real estate investing, opening it for everyone.

our platform

Start investing with
as little as $500

Begin with a low initial investment and enjoy high, long-term rewards.