Money Makin’ is a Mindset!

When approaching your personal finances, it’s easy to get caught up in a black & white mindset: income vs. expenses, budgeting vs. splurging, investing vs. saving—Managing your money becomes a zero-sum game and those who follow the strict set of rules win…right?—WRONG.   This mindset is limiting and can actually breed stress, anxiety and ultimately […]

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Atomic Habits

“Without good financial habits, you will always be struggling for the next dollar.” -Atomic Habits “You get what you repeat.” It’s a simple message that author James Clear establishes in his New York times bestseller, Atomic Habits, and one that he drives home superbly. Clear starts the book with data driven, as well as anecdotal evidence […]

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12 Day Financial Wellness Challenge

The New Year, is the perfect time to get your financial s%&# together. To help you kick-off 2022 with your personal finances in order, we have gone ahead and broken down this (somewhat) daunting task into digestible and doable mini tips!

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Inflation Nation

Inflation—it’s a hot topic lately—and rightly so. It’s hard to escape the blaring headlines that the US consumer price index rose 6.2% in October 2021 compared to a year ago.   What does this mean exactly?—Well, on average, things cost 6.2% more than they did only a year ago. To put that into perspective this […]

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The Seven Capital Sins of Financial Wellness

Are you a sinner when it comes to personal finance? Whether the result of ego, insecurity or just plain laziness the barriers that are preventing you from eternal wealth and prosperity boils down to simply human weaknesses. These human weaknesses are nothing new, and have been named in history, so we mortals could better fight […]

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6 Celebrities Investing in Real Estate

Do you ever wonder what celebrities do with their hard-earned money? Besides, of course, buying supercars, big yachts, fancy watches and everything else we mere mortals dream about? Most of them invest, one way or another, in real estate. We put together a list of six celebrities that decided to put their money to work […]

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Get in early and invest like the big whales.