How to Project the Profitability of a Property

As an investor when looking at any potential real estate opportunity, there are a myriad of metrics and theories behind what makes a viable investment and what does not. But at the end of the day, you’re simply trying to answer the question: Am I going to make money from this venture? While, yes this […]

3 minutes

Cap Rate Real Estate: What Is A Good Rate & Formula?

If you are interested in real estate investing you probably heard the term cap rate real estate. Cap rate in real estate or capitalization rate is a critical metric in evaluating whether a property is a good investment or not. Understand how to calculate real estate cap rates in the context of commercial and residential […]

4 minutes

Due Diligence Real Estate Checklist: Steal Our CRE Process

Due diligence in real estate can be a bit of a drinking from the firehose kind of experience, especially when we are talking about commercial real estate. When you purchase anything that requires a decent amount of capital whether it be your education, a car, a trip or even a mattress you should do your […]

5 minutes

Real Estate Development from an Industry Insider

At first look, developing real estate seems like an easy way of starting a profitable business. It does not require an academic degree, a certification from any authority or a specific legal qualification that needs to be met. Actually, judging by the TV shows, it is as simple as buying a property, putting lipstick on […]

5 minutes

How To Join A Real Estate Investment Group (and Pros & Cons)

You know the saying “strength in numbers.”–Well that’s the fundamental objective of starting or joining a real estate investment group (REIG). While it may seem intimidating at first blush, how to join a real estate investment group is pretty simple. The complicated part is deciding which real estate investment network you want to join. Luckily, […]

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